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Austin Guitarist Carson Brock Killin' It!

What's in Austin's Water?

Solo starts at 02:25. Notice snare drum is in same key!

Debra from Austin let us know yesterday that our young Strat-o-Brother Carson Brock is doing well down there with 2 bands-- The Carson Brock Band and Public Soul.

We first featured Carson almost exactly a year ago. Click Here for that post. We feature a great profile/bio video with great playing in that post too. He was 16 then. The above video is even earlier-- and Carson is getting UN-FRIGGIN BELIEVABLE TONES with that SG and some serious rig config!!! He's really cracking the Eric Johnson code for feel, phrasing and even tone! I also hear Clapton and Page. And the kid even mentions Paul Kossoff in the profile clip! Kudos to the good folks who have raised this lad right!

Now I want an SG, just for general purposes.

Facebook link

Special thanks to Darren and Debra!

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