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Paul Pesco - Guitarist & Music Director for Daryl Hall

In-the-Pocket Guitar & Booker T!!!

You don't have to be a Hall & Oates fan to dig Live From Daryl's House, a free online TV show with cool guests and great musicians. Very kick back stuff! Paul Pesco, the music director and guitarist has a session/sideman resume as long as your arm, and he's a very groovy player.

The above clip is from the Booker T. Jones episode of Daryl's House. Booker T. is friggin' royalty, ok! One of the baddest and coolest cats there is. Check out how Pesco riffs all around Booker T's vocals without stepping on them. This takes a seriously seasoned and in-the-groove musician.

Other episodes include TWO Todd Rundgren shows, and a Monte Montgomery show. If you don't know Montgomery, just go to Youtube and enter "Monte Montgomery Little Wing". Oh yeah, some Booker T. trivia-- besides all the MG's and Stax Records stuff he's known for, BT's Hammond B3 is all over the landscape of 60's-70's music. The organ part in Stephen Stills' "Love the One You're With" just resonates an entire era and my childhood as well-- it's in my cells. Yes, that's Booker T!

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