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New Eric Gales "Transformation"

Quick Follow-up to Relentless

Video uploaded 8/18/11

Here's Eric helping the Dunlop folks pimp some pedals and letting us know about the just released Transformation album, hot on the heals of 2010's Relentless. I must confess I haven't yet heard the new album, but we're big Eric Gales fans around here, and we've indeed observed a transformation over the course of a very busy past year for Eric. So it's always cool to see him looking and playing great! 

Here we see him playing a G&L Legacy. Lately EG's been seen steppin' out from his trusty St. Blues with the likes of Xotic, Magneto and an assorted Strat here & there. Kinda diggin' that copper Bonamassa Fuzz Face model too. Kinda not diggin' how the Dunlop TV guy (tool boy) interjects when EG is describing the OD pedal-- "...amp sounding, kinda transparenty". Way to plug your stuff for the artist tool boy!

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