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More Tone & Gear Talk With David Grissom

PRS Experience 2010

45 Minute Clip!!!

Even though it ain't Strat tone, David Grissom's tone with his PRS signature gear is STUNNING! And what a great clinic cat-- we've featured Grissom clips like this before. Just talking tone, and the guitar/amp/pedal relationships. I could listen to this stuff all day, especially from him! Chords with no 3rds is something Zappa also talked about. The capo stuff at the very end is great too. So pay attention!

I'm thinkin' that a set of PRS DGT pickups would be insane in any current Fender Pawn Shop series or Fender RI guitars using the Wide Range humbuckers, i.e. 72' Tele Thinline RI-- that is if the string/magnet spacing works...  Or if the feel of a PRS guitar works for you, take a serious look at the DGT models. They have jumbo frets and a nice trem too!

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