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Hayley McLean - Blues, Roots & Country Guitar

McLean - Canadian Strat-o-Sister!

If this don't give you goosebumps, somethin' wrong!

Although her main axe is a Tele, Hayley McLean's guitar playing makes Strat-o-Sister status any day of the week! And even Truth In Shredding is talkin' about this Country pickin' sis!

Canadian based Hayley has an interesting story. She was pretty much raised on a sail boat with her family, and home schooled too boat schooled?. She was the youngest member of the Canadian Olympic sailing team, and part of a gold medal winning effort. But her biggest love is music and GUITAR. Before focusing mostly on Country music, Haylee was cutting her teeth on GNR and SRV. One Youtube clip out there shows her playing a badass Little Wing too! 

Nowadays, Sistah McLean is workin' the country thing, inspired by players like Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, and equally excited about the songwriting side of the genre. But it only takes a few seconds into the above clip to tell that this girl has monster chops, tone and phrasing. And she's a serious gear geek too-- just one of the guys. Besides this video, Hayley's Youtube channel features plenty of well presented, professional level proof that she means business!



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