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Happy Birthday ERIC JOHNSON!!!

Texas Strat Tone Boy Turns 57!

30 Years Beyond the "27 Club"...

KUDOS to Eric Johnson for taking good care of himself, setting a good example for guitar gods and minions everywhere-- and helping us raise the bar for guitar music with fine analog, vacuum tube and Stratospheric sweetness! That was one sentence!

I'm no numerologist but it's interesting that Eric Johnson was born in 1954, the same year the Stratocaster was introduced. Also, EJ's main Strat is a '57-- and he turns 57 today. Oooooooooohhh! So does this really mean anything significant in the coming year for Eric? Who knows... But I, for one, am glad that he's doing well, creating and touring. EJ is a healthy and drug-free artist-- hell, he's even a vegan! So don't go sending him a case of those Omaha steaks, alright.

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