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Fender Vintage 62 Jazzmaster - Burgundy Mist


"My ladies never touch the Jazzmaster without permission!"

The moment I set eyes on this one, who do ya think I thought of? That's right, the cat in the middle pic! This Burgundy Mist Jazzmaster was made for him! Accessorize! The guitar is a vintage 1962 with original case as well as the original gold bridge cover and whammy bar. Hard to tell, but I want to believe Rooster's ciggy holder is gold as well. According to Fender finish experts Guitar ReRanch, Burgundy Mist was introduced in 1959 by Oldsmobile, and utilized by Fender in 1960. And it's PIMPIN' TOO!

Seller: Leitz Music- Panama City, FL

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