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Fender Guitar Glass Sculpture by Dino Rosin - Friday Strat #227

"Calcedonia" - Ancient Italian Glass Coloring Technique

And if you take a look around, harmony is dying
Someone trapped the spirit in a glass guitar
And if you listen with your heart, you can hear it crying
Free me from my crystal prison in this glass guitar

It Must Be ART WEEK!

Anyone who recalls Rundgren & Utopia's "RA" album may remember the story of Sing Ring and the Glass Guitar. Check it out if you don't. Fine artist Dino Rosin may not know the RA album, but he's a big deal in the world of glass sculpture, and this glass Strat really embraces the theme.  At 42" in length, and with real hardware, you could almost play it... but that probably wouldn't be a good idea. 

Either way, it needs to be heavily insured. Although breaking it may very well release the trapped spirit of harmony. These things always come at a high cost.

Currently listed by: Paragon-Fine-Art-Gallery- Marina del Rey, CA

More about Dino Rosin and Calcedonia glass making.

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