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D'Pergo Aged Vintage Classic - Friday Strat #225

2008 Pre-owned

Wow! This is the first ever D'Pergo I've seen listed at eBay! These are super boutique guitars crafted in New Hampshire with reclaimed woods and hi-end components. This one includes a 10", 21 fret soft "V" neck, 2 pc alder body, hand wound pickups (in-house), titanium block, bone nut and vintage style hardened steel saddles. The finish is nitro. Guitar includes orig. builder's order/spec sheet and deluxe hard case.

I don't know what the lead time on a new D'Pergo is, but this one is available NOW, is in excellent shape and for $2K less than its original new price- shown on order sheet.

Seller: Tradarama -Est. boutique dealer based in Virginia. Check the hi-end inventory!

Discover more about these guitars at: www.dpergoguitars.com

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