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Classic MELODIC Rock Guitar Solos

Michael Schenker on UFO's "Time On My Hands"

SOLO AT 02:12 

Most early rock guitar solos are blues based, pentatonic excursions judged by their attitude, speed, tone and ferocity. However, the classic rock landscape is dotted with melodic hi-lites which stepped outside the norm. Hendrix' Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock probably kicked off the possibilities with as much impact as anything could. Other landmark melodic rock guitar solos include Santana's "Samba Pa Ti", Brian May's "Killer Queen" solo and a few inspirational features from Steely Dan's arsenal of guitarists. 

But perhaps most underrated was the ripple effect of Michael Schenker's early work with UFO.  The band's 1974 "Phenomenon" album introduced a 19 year old Schenker who designed guitar solos to fit each song, each with beginning, middle and endings. Anyone around that long ago understands the significance. A dozen years later, Satriani's "Always With Me, Always With You" is probably the fullest realization of something that began with Schenker's solo in UFO's "Time On My Hands". Pin It Now!