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Church of 'The Who Knows Gypsys'

Denominations of Hendrix Religion

That's right. In the Jimi religion, there are many sects and denominations. Ya have the Voodooists, Red Housarians, Little Winganites, Third Stonologists, Hazianists of Purplism, etc... 

The guy in this clip is obviously a devout, Orthodox Whoknowsianist. But they can be hard to spot. Despite appearances, the Who Knows solo is a constant mantra throughout his being-- the center of his universe. This guy could be working at Sears; managing the section where the lawn mowers, bbq's and patio furniture are. He drives his '96 Camry home each night to a wife and 2.5 kids, eats Hamburger Helper, watches Wheel of Fortune, pays some bills and in bed by 9:30. He also has a closet full of Dockers khaki slacks.

But on Sunday when wifey and tots go the regular church and Sunday school, our hero attends sacred services in a secret, sound proof sanctum underneath the garage. Plugged into an Octavia, Fuzz Face and Univibe, he and his holy Strat meditate upon the most exalted and majestic solo of the great Who Knows. Every Sunday. He knows no chords, never learned Sunshine of Your Love, La Grange or even Smoke on the Water. He simply faces in the direction of Seattle, or sometimes the Fillmore East, depending upon the lunar postion, and jams Who Knows. Then Monday, it's back to Sears, this here people farm and the smell of a world that is burned.

Someone like this could be standing next to you right now in the mall food court line. Who Knows...

A lefty no less!

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