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Bucktone Black Powder Overdrive Pedal- GIVEAWAY!

Yes, Another Boutique OD Pedal, But...

Although there's most certainly a glut of OD pedals in the world, there's still no glut of great ones. Just like anything else. For example, as an IPA drinker in the Pacific NW, I can tell you IPA's are exploding around here. But 80% of them suck, 10% are ok and another 5% are pretty good.

Missouri based Caleb Buck of Bucktone makes ONE effects pedal; the Black Powder overdrive. And he didn't paint it Tube Screamer green either. These Ozarks cats are still rugged individualists. I picture this Caleb Buck character building his Black Powder pedals in a log cabin facility, wearing a coonskin cap, maybe has a pet grizzly bear working in shipping & receiving too! His Youtube channel features 13 separate upload demos of the Black Powder-- each with different guitar/amp combinations. And just like any Missouri country boy knows how to skin a squirrel, Mr. Buck builds an OD with less fuzzy tail and more output stage saturation tones.

Above is one of multiple Black Powder demos by popular gear demo geek Burgerman666. I especially dig the Burgerman's pro quality demos for their rich info content. Notice the post-9/11 news channel scrolling with everything ya need to know.

OH! And customguitarboutique.com is running a Black Powder giveaway-- here's what to do:

1. "Like" their page (CGB Facebook page)
2. Post "Bucktone Effects - Black PowderBlack Powder available at customguitarboutique.com" on the wall.
3. Optional: send an email to: mailinglist@customguitarboutique.com to be entered twice

You "must" be a fan at the time of random drawing, if you "like" and then unlike you are not eligible.

Winner will be selected on September 20th.

JP-- Ok, I'm an IPA snob. Pin It Now!