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Win a Rittenhouse Relic'd Guitar by Being VERY Creative!

September 2011 Giveaway Deadline Soon!

Also see current Rittenhouse eBay listings

Miami based Abe Rittenhouse is kinda like the Bill Nash of the Southeast-- Nash being near Seattle. Both create heavily relic'd Fender types, and use Lollar pickups. Otherwise, maybe they have nothing else in common, I dunno.

We've featured a few Rittenhouse models here over the years. Abe just let us know he's cooking up a giveaway. Here's what he has to say: 

"Our  Rittenhouse Guitars 2011 Giveaway starts on July 23rd! To participate, you will need to do submit a VERY creative picture or video telling us why you want to win a Rittenhouse Guitar. Official rules soon to be announced. Start telling your friends on Facebook and Twitter using #winguitar. (Please note that we will not be taking any entries until then)" 

So tune into Rittenhouse Guitars at Facebook and Twitter (#winguitar), and start coming up with some VERY creative ideas!

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