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Why The Cowcaster Guitar Works

Speaking of Guitar Design Perspectives...

photo cred: Ralph Duke

The Cowcaster
I woke up to this online just this morning, posted at Guitar World click for full story. When you read the story, you'll see that the positioning with Billy Gibbons and Texas makes something like this work. Not that everyone's gonna want one, but you get the idea. Oh, and it's an actual, real deal cow skull too! No artificial, plastic, made in China cow skull from "Cow Heads 'R Us". Nope!

Also funny (strange and haha), is that I was just telling someone about my idea for a real cow skull pedal-- The "Cattle Drive OverDrive". Serious! And remember you got it here first folks. This is my intellectual property; intellectual being the key operative term too.

So the Cattle Drive O.D. pedal would involve a standard housing placed inside an actual cow skull, with footswitches and controls on forehead area. Besides user adjustable parameters there are 5 presets labeled:

Rollin' #1
Rollin' #2
Rollin #3 
Rawhide! (#4)
Stampede! (#5)

The eye sockets would include LED's for on/off and function indicator status.

Anyway, that's my intellectual idea. But ya gotta read the GW article! They use real cow skulls which are cleaned up for use by placing cow heads on ant hills; Texas ant hills! I know something about Texas ant hills having done USAF basic training at Lackland AFB near San Antonio. Based on how popular hamburgers are, it's obvious that cow heads are not a scarce commodity. Ya just need to know where to get 'em. Maybe use Google for that, unless you already know someone in that line of work.

Then you're in bidness! And speaking of business, also be sure to check out Brent's House of Heads --same guy!


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