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T-REX Yellow Drive Pedal

Coming in August 2011 Exclusively at Guitar Center

The folks at T-REX let us know about their new YELLOW DRIVE, two stage overdrive pedal, available in August '11. The Yellow Drive is the first in a series of 4 pedals to be sold exclusively through Guitar Center. 

Configured into a frequently utilized T-REX housing/control configuration, the YD is voiced for "vintage" overdrive tones which stack 2 independently selectable and adjustable stages. Per the above photo, you have the standard GAIN, LEVEL & TONE control settings for each stage. The interesting part will be the tone variations available when using both stages simultaneously-- and, less junk noise than using 2 OD pedals in your signal chain, not to mention one less battery or power supply connection.

We may receive one for demo/review. If so, this post will be updated, and I'll do some kind of ridiculous video. So stay tuned and check back! 

Ed Note 9/26 - Click Here for our demo!

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