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Stratoblogster Update -- Plus, Badass Steve Morse Tune

 Morse' Bodhisattva Tribute to Steely Dan

First of all check out this great Steve Morse cover of the Steely Dan's classic Bodhisattva!

Now for an update on things close to home. I haven't been posting too much lately cause I'm working very hard these days outdoors-- and it's pretty exhausting! Currently working in a vineyard, which is basically very tough farm work. Western Oregon's Willamette Valley has many vineyards & wineries, and is home to some the world's best Pinot Noir. And no, I don't own a vineyard, but I'm helping some good friends, J Wrigley Vineyards.

Anyway, I'm getting in good shape, and a tan too!

Standing in front of an area we set up and planted some Chardonnay a couple months ago. Those little starts are already a foot high, and leafing well! We also added 4 new rows of Pinot Noir. There are over 80 rows in the vineyard, some over 400' long. I've strung wire up and down those rows which are all on a hillside-- "Pant!". And this week we've been expanding the fence perimeter, which involves relocating existing fencing. Just today, I unclipped over 200 yards of 8' fence from the posts, and rolled it up for reinstall. We're adding more posts and removing others for relocation. Hard assed farm work folks!!!

But keep checking back here as I'll be blogging GUITAR when I can. I also have some submissions brewing for Guitar World online.

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