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RS Guitarworks "Paint Stick" - Friday Strat #224

It's a Super Freak... It's Super Freaky!

 "Across the tracks there's a girl who loves me, just as much as I love her..." Nils Lofgren

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Our pal Bobby D discovered this one profiled at The Gear Page by the folks of RS Guitarworks.

They shot the body with every different color the shop used over the course of a week, finishing it in black. Then it got relic'd, including the key wear-thru spots where we get to see all those colors. Aptly named "Paint Stick", I think this might also be called "Owlsley", especially since the cat died recently. Anyway, that's another trip.

All the hardware is seriously aged, and the neck too-- and it deep too! Check the reverse fat head style headstock. The pickup choices are about creating a mongrel partscaster vibe. 

I almost wanna go whacko on my Oly White Strat with an orbit sander, a BernzOmatic and a big full color set of Sharpies. Should I???

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