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One 63 Stratocaster Volume Knob Anyone???

Only if You Need One... $75.00

Current eBay listing by: tradeitinmusic - Tallahassee, FL

Of course there are situations where vintage gear is totally complete except for a minor missing part or two. It's a common frustration for collectors. So it's great when the magic of the internet helps resolve these issues so that people can put all the pieces together and move on with their lives. And in this context, what's $75 anyway?

It's also important to note that the above seller is Top Rated by eBay with 100% feedback and a 2K+ fb score. HOWEVER, I'm absolutely twisted up in a puzzle of clusterf#*ked bewilderment for lack of a story on this "1963" Strat volume knob!

The seller's listing- and as upstanding as they may be - includes absolutely no background on the knob, i.e. how they came to acquire it and how they know it's a '63. Also know that they aren't listing ANY OTHER items from or for a '63 Strat. They do list other gear, but this ONE volume knob is all they have that's associated with a '63 Strat. So there must be story, right?

Throw me a frickin' bone here!

Understand that we could write an entire screenplay about the life and times of one displaced Strat volume knob. We could. Someone should. Like The Red Violin or maybe a Seinfeld type episode where someone like George pulls it out of a whale's blow hole...

But after hours of pacing... and entirely too much stress I grasped out for sanity and found a diversion that I could comprehend:

Imagine my surprise to discover an entire results page of these listed at eBay! Apparently cigar smokers love 'em. And ranging from $5.50 to $199.00 they're priced to please every budget. The one pictured is currently an auction item with 3 bids sitting at $26.29 -No Reserve! What a delightful item that I couldn't possibly care less about-- but whose discovery has provided almost immediate release and relief from the mystery and dilemma of one small '63 Strat knob like so many random particles that compose the very rings of Saturn.

Unless you happen to need one of course.

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