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KOZM Guitars - Hmm... Who Might Want These?

Depends on How You Look at 'Em...

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Ed note: Check our KOZM review & demo clip after this post!

First of all, KOZM Guitars isn't named after a western USA radio station. They come from the imagination of Portland, Oregon luthier Jeff Kozmoski. And you probably thought they were Euro-based. Even though I live near Portland, I just discovered KOZM through their ad on the PG website.

Perusing the KOZM site reveals another rogue builder who wants to take guitar design somewhere else for a change. And although I firmly believe iconic players drive brand and model popularity, I respect Kozmoski's creativity and boldness. This is a tough endeavor...

Leo Fender was out there pounding the pavement and picking player's brains for ideas, and his tipping point was hard earned.

To save you some pondering, some of my perspectives on the KOZM cosmetics include:

Current VW Beetles, Fisher-Price baby toys, inflatables, bubble gum, orthopedic shoes, sports cars, Milan fashion, women's shavers, German ergonomics, Botticelli Strats, erotic sculpture...

And though that's a broadly diverse range of perspectives, what I don't get is macho vibe much less any player association-- yes, I know it's a very new line. Still, these are all wood and light weight with top quality components. How about the colors? Well, a couple darker options may be in order. Natural finish is available, but this builder is wise to distance these instruments from the too nerdy woodcrafter zone. 

Two suggestions for KOZM Guitars:

1) Add a bass model! Bass players are way more open to design variations.

Now for #2. This is my favorite-- and the only reason I'm posting about KOZM, since I wanna stay positive.

2) Target the FEMALE guitarist market!!!

Veteran Stratoblogster readers familiar with our Strat-o-Sisters profile directory know I'm a champion for the up and coming wave of female guitarists. Some ladies may desire their own guitar line that reflects female tastes and sensibilities. It's been kind of an insult to paint a standard configuration pink, and tell the female market, "Here's something for the girls out there!" But this is exactly what the industry has done... and it's all they've done. Daisy Rock? Hello Kitty? C'mon! If I were a woman, I'd be insulted.

In this sense, and with good marketing, I believe KOZM may have something big here. I also understand that some ladies wanna play Strats, Les Pauls and Teles, and go toe to toe against the guys. But they also still dig their Venus Shavers and a myriad of other products designed and packaged for feminine appeal with soft rounded dimensions and pastel shades.

Women should play any guitar they please, but someone could be building a serious guitar line for women, and it might as well be KOZM. A real first!


http://www.youtube.com/user/Kozmguitars Pin It Now!