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Fender CS Bonnie Raitt Blue Burst Strat

#94 of 200 - Fender Custom Shop 1996

That's right, this is a Custom Shop Bonnie Raitt Strat, and not an Artists Series production model. I never even knew about these CS versions. Looks like they made 200 of 'em. The one above is NOS from '96 with case, COA and BR '94 Tour Jacket. There's also a partially faded Bonnie autograph on the pickguard. It's "NOS" since the current seller- a dealer- has had it in the original carton until a couple years ago.

The Bonnie production models had 9.5" radius soft "C" and Texas Antiquity pickups. But I have no specs on these Custom Shop models.

Seller: Billy Wray Music Shop-Harrisburg, PA is a 100% positive eBay Stores merchant with a 23K+ feedback score. Pretty clean outfit!

So, did you know that Fender does not currently feature a female guitarist Artist Series guitar model? That's right. The BR artist production line was discontinued in 2000. I don't count the Avril Lavigne Squier Tele-- would you? A Joanne Shaw Taylor Tele would be right on time!

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