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ZZ Top Touring - New Album by End 2011

Stay on Track With ZZ Top!

Plenty of buzz out there about new ZZ Top material coming out by end of this year! They're also touring right now, with summer shows in Europe and back to US in late Summer/Fall.

Word has it that Rick Rubin is on board for album production help, who Billy refers to as a "notorious character", in typical Gibbons-speak.. Also, watch for a line of ZZ/Billy G. inspired tequila, BBQ sauce and hot sauce products.

But it's the music! Above is a sample from one of my fave ZZ albums, "Rhythmeen". It's amazing how many "so called" ZZ Top fans don't even know about this album. IMO it's one of their very finest in terms of guitar textures, sound, cool tunes and drum/rhythm tracks.

So watch for the new stuff! There is, and always has been life beyond Eliminator & Afterburner!


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