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Todd Rundgren's Johnson Review

Todd Does Album of Robert Johnson Tunes!
Why not?
photo cred: Mark Mawston
Always working on something, and likely to do anything, "Todd Rundgren's Johnson" -- the actual album name, serves up red hot tamales with the fresh conviction & sound of an early 70's British Invasion record. What Eric Clapton's "From the Cradle" brought us in accuracy, Rundgren's Johnson delivers with rawness & power, even though true Todd fans know he also could have attempted a duplicate version of Robert Johnson's original recordings. One never knows.

And that's why this release is getting very mixed reviews out there. Basically, just know that Todd Rundgren's Johnson is a highly spirited, guitar oriented prequel to prog rock, drawing from the deepest Blues well. If you're bored with the middle-aged white Blues bands in their Ray-Bans, this album shows how it's supposed to be done. Vocally, Todd Rundgren & Edgar Winter- both in their 60's- are the last of their generation with enough pipes to still wail out the Blues.

International Guitar just posted a great interview with TR about the Johnson project, and lots of other stuff!

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