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T-Rex Sustainer Pedal Demo Review

T-Rex Engineering, ToneBug Series - "Sustainer"

Besides adding plenty of sustain, hence it's name, T-Rex's Sustainer pedal has a way of blooming out frequencies in chords. The release swell seems to allow more vivid overtones in OD mode, without being as sparkly or stark as a BBE Sonic Maximizer. Yet the Sustainer also increases definition and gain simultaneously. Please excuse the same monotonous chord/key voicing through most of the clip. I was trying to demonstrate the "bloom effect" in various combinations with & without OD & delay.

I also ran this through a solid state amp, and was able to get some chime tones. The T-Rex Sustainer will bring new colors and textures to your tone in addition to compression & sustain. And without the mud. So get one! 

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