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Suhr Modern Zebrawood Honey Burst

Friday Strat #220

 Click for close-ups!!!

This one really caught my attention. I'm not crazy about zebrawood or everything about this particular config, although I dig Suhr guitars. But the depth of this zebrawood honey burst finish against black pickups and gold hardware just demands serious respect.

Under the zw cap is a black limba body. Limba aka korina is also known as African Mahogany because of it's similarities to mahogany. Neck is "roasted" maple with ebony. And the reverse headstock is also zebra capped. Otherwise, all the hdwr and electronics are top notch as we expect from Suhr. Frets are jumbo stainless steel. Aldrich bridge pickup, and ML single. And remember that Suhr's Fletcher-Landau pickups are now called "Michael Landau".

All in all, a pretty sporty guitar! Also, know that zebrawood doesn't come from zebras, and isn't itself an endangered or rare species.

Wild West Guitars- is listing this guitar as new, and just know they ain't givin' it away either. So break out that fat plastic!

Roasted maple?


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