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Stratoblogster Article Trashed on GW Facebook Wall!

Hendrix - Robin Williams Parallel Not Well Received!

"This Stratoblogster, he writes good material... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!" 

First of all, many thanks to Damian at Guitar World for the opportunity to contribute at GW's new site! My debut article, posted a couple days ago, has actually received lots of "Likes" at GW's Facebook, but the comments have been rough! Still, nearly 6 years of blogging has taught me that NO response is real death, so I'm lovin' this! 

Since GW's wall thing will scroll away soon, here are some favorite comment snippets:

"The only good film Robin Williams did was Mrs. Doubtfire. Other than that he's always been annoying. Jimi on the other hand, I could listen to all day."

"Robin Williams irritates the shit out of me. I couldn't care less about any random, meaningless coorilation between he and the the brilliance of Hendrix."

"pffft! No comparison, except for maybe that Jimi might have dug Mork from Ork for a minute! ;)"

"fuck robin williams"

"Love em both but it seems like somebody was up against a deadline while there was a comedy special on and this is the best he could come up with. Nice try, but no...."


"This is absolutely dunderheaded. Just because Williams can make jokes and act 'funny' doesn't elevate him to the status of Hendrix any more than the ability to blog transforms the average Joe into Mark Twain. Pieces like this prove just how much the internet has evolved into a fools paradise."

For their astute and precision grasp of context, each commenter should be awarded a spiffy Behringer pedal signed by Oprah. We should look at putting something like this together for future editions!

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