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Magneto Sonnet S-type Guitar - Friday Strat #219

Sonnet Custom Studio - USA Pricing (see below)

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"Tiger Brown" refers to the finish, in case you thought this model was named after some 1940's baseball player.

The Sonnet series is Magneto's S-type, and this Sonnet Custom Studio is their top line offering. It's available in two quilted maple cap finishes with sexy matching tuner buttons-- yes, I said sexy. Specs include American alder body, 11" radius neck with 22 - 6105 frets, all Gotoh hardware-- including steel block/saddles and custom Lollar pickups. 

Magneto Guitars is a partnership between France based designer Christian Hatstatt and veteran luthier Kei Yatsuzuka in Japan. They produce their S & T-type guitar line in Japan, using top hardware, electronics and woods. Some woods and components are USA produced, as well as Sen Ash grown in Japan. 

Although their classic body styles look pretty standard, Magneto actually shortens the rear section of the body in order to shift certain resonance zones closer to the bridge area. 

Full specs & details are available at: Magnetoguitars.com   

Contact Kelcey @ Custom Guitar Boutique for USA/Canada availability & quotes.

Magneto Guitars Pricing USA

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