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Johnny & Edgar Winter 1970

41 Year Old Video!!!

"The two coolest Winters on record!" was one comment seen where I discovered this video.

For perspective, remember that Hendrix was still around till Sept. 1970. Not many Rock performance videos out there this old, that are such high quality. I suspect this was filmed in Sweden or Denmark, as we've seen a couple other similar vintage Winter clips labeled as such. Maybe their film is so well preserved because of the cold winters...

Johnny's solo footage starting at 02:28 is pretty badass for a 41 year old guitar solo. At that time, only a small handful of Rock guitar players could run at that level. And check out that old gold top LP with P90's! We don't feature Gibby's much around here, but this is special-- especially on Mr. Paul's birthday week.

Johnny and Edgar still tour today! And BTW, that gangly lookin' kid on bass is Tommy Shannon. 41 years folks!

Thanks to our good friend Jack Pribek @ Snake Oil blog!

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