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Fender CS '60 Strat - Heavy Relic Green Finishes


 Surf Green

Sea Foam Green

June 14, 2011
It sure can be tough differentiating between these two colors, not to mention Daphne Blue and Sonic Blue. Photo color quality, lighting and contrasts can throw things off too. And people frequently mislabel them.

The above photos from the same source, have similar light and same case lining color. Sea Foam is a deeper, bluer green, and Surf is lighter and creamier. My confusion between these two has always stemmed from thinking the word "foam" should refer to the lighter creamier color. But it's the exact opposite. 

Bizarre Guitar - Reno currently lists both versions as new with COA, case candy and brown tolex case. The neck is 9.5" radius with 21 - 6105 frets. They indicate other specs are "modern", indicating a 5-way switch and possibly a C neck shape (not sure). Bridge is a 6 screw though.

For comparison, right now The Music Zoo is listing a Surf Green FCS '60 NOS. These are the non-Relic version. Specs there indicate an "oval C" neck shape. The NOS is about $300 less, so you would just have to trash the crap out of it yourself like some "career" cat.

Check out the Fender Custom Colors swatches at Guitar ReRanch.

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