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Fender Blues Jr. III "Humboldt" Hot Rod Amp

Pro Guitar Shop - Special Limited Edition

Oregon based ProGuitarShop must fancy themselves as some sort of "tone bud dispensary" with their new custom run Fender Blues Jr.

Just click their search button and check the menu.

The "Humboldt" sports green tolex, an Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex hemp cone speaker, specially selected tubes and "Smooth Smokey Tone". $529 is a great price too, although it's too bad they couldn't have gotten it down to $420 to keep the theme rolling. Oh well. Not mentioned, is whether you need a special prescription card to purchase this amp-- or if it can only ship to certain states... Wink, wink!;) Oh yeah, and a Pizza Hut coupon pack.


Another cool option is what D-Town Guitars is doing with new '65 Princeton RI's. Click Here for details!

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