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Cuisine For Guitar Players

Stratoblogster's Coily Rib Technique!

Taking a moment away from guitar blogging to share my latest foodie idea! If you're a vegan, I'm really sorry.

Haha! I'm NOT sorry!  
Click Here for my super secret scratch BBQ sauce recipe! Also, FYI regarding rubs- For pork, I just mix up some brown sugar, black pepper, celery seeds, a little salt and a smidge of ground allspice.

Another tip about rub: Don't "rub" it on the meat. Just pat it on. All this rubbing business, especially with salt involved, can cause the meat to expel valuable juices. When slow/low temp smoking, you don't want thin cuts like ribs drying out. So gently pat on your rub. And go find something else to rub instead.

Traeger Pellet Smokers- Stratoblogster Approved!

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