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Vintage Strat Pickup Replicas by Slider's

50's NOS Materials & Specs

Our favorite guitar pickup guru, Slider's Rod McQueen from Down Under, Sydney just listed two fresh Strat sets at eBay! Besides a set of his standard SRV 59's, Rod has completed these "57 Replique Elite's" above-- just destined for someone's tonal pleasure.

McQueen scours the world for NOS formvar wire and old AlNiCo. Then he thoroughly examines & tests actual vintage pickups in order to replicate them as closely as possible. Actually, I don't believe this. What I really think is that he has a time machine he uses to go back and hang out with Leo. Probably late at night, Fullerton time zone, when the old man was jacked up on coffee & Chesterfield's, and winding away. Just keepin' it real, that's all... 

Slider's Vintage Strat pickups even have bakelite covers! Where do ya get fresh bakelite these days? I don't see any "Bakeliteries" anywhere. What? Never mind. But there used to be one on every street corner.

One set at a time. Get 'em when you can, and keep checkin' back!

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