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Trem Upgrades for Strats!

Hot Rod Guitar Gear Hardware!

 "Black Box" - blocks or stabilizes floating trem

 "Trem Stabilizers" - Fit inside 2 springs. Break a string-- stay in tune!

"Trem Stopper" - Brass body for tone!

FloydUpgrades.com isn't just about Floyd Rose replacement parts. They have plenty of sexy, hi-performance items for your standard Fender Strat too!

Besides the stuff shown above, FloydUpgrades also has brass spring claws, brass & and titanium blocks, spring upgrades, trem arms and even more titanium hardware i.e. Strat saddles/bridges coming soon. They even have titanium saddles for Les Pauls AND Brass/Titanium bridge pins for acoustic guitars!

FU also stocks nifty tech tools sets for easier guitar maintenance and set-up. Plus, Adam Reiver provides several demo videos to help you with set-up tips and tricks! So go check 'em out at the link above!

Also check out: Killer Guitar Components - Brass blocks, claws, saddles, trems, etc.

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