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Strat & Pignose Used in Daring Celebrity Well Rescue!

Child TV Star Survives Nearly 50 Years in Well!

Popular Youtube guitar gear demo personality Bobby DeVito was finally able to accomplish what no Hollywood collie dared. In spite of decades of onscreen heroics attributed to Lassie, it wasn't until just recently that former child star Jon Provost was finally discovered alive, and rescued from a well that even his faithful K-9 costar was unable to confront. "Unwilling was more like it!", says Provost, now 62 who cites petty off camera jealousy issues behind his final well incident, a cover-up by show producers long since dead-- and costing the beloved "Timmy Martin" character nearly 50 years of survival on water bugs, algae and a tattered copy of Ayn Rand's "Anthem"-- only readable by a 3 minute daily ray of light during summer months.

DeVito, a huge fan of the Lassie television series since childhood, has kept in touch with the show's former fan club members. Operating on a recent anonymous tip that Provost might still be surviving in a Key West, Florida area well, Bobby quickly organized rescue efforts with the aid of two close friends, utilizing only an 80's Japanese Stratocaster, 25' of cable and his trusty Pignose amp.

The above video footage documents post rescue celebrations along with re-enactment demo sections. A very happy Jon Provost- seen in white t-shirt,- gets the clip's final word with understandably harsh comments about the collie, which had to be bleeped. Provost is currently seeking damages from Classic Media, owners of the Lassie trademarks.

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