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Stones Soul Man Guitar Teacher

Tony Mowatt's Guitar Tips Videos

"That's the sauce... That's yer daddy!"

I discovered Tony Mowatt's Youtube channel while researching to determine who played guitar on Wilson Pickett's "It's a Groove" tune. Following up on Bobby Womack led me to Mowatt's YouTube page where he breaks down guitar parts by some legendary soul players, as well as Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood stuff...

Above is a spot on, easy to follow demo of "Monkey Man" by The Rolling Stones. He also goes into detail showing all the different guitar parts of "Beast of Burden" in a video just for Keef parts, and a separate clip for the Woody parts.

But besides Stones & Keef's solo Winos material, the real gold is the soul guitar lessons from tunes by Al Green, The Staple Singers, Otis Redding and others. These early Memphis Soul & Muscle Shoals records featured guitarists i.e. Steve Cropper, Bobby Womack, Reggie Young, Jimmy Johnson and of course Pops Staples.

And Tony Mo is the laid back cat we'd all dig for a guitar teacher. So check it! Oh, BTW-- we think Reggie Young plays on Pickett's "It's a Groove", even though Wiki indicates Womack


(Check the tune: "It Belongs to the Dog")

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