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Porter Pickups Giveaway!

Win a Set of Brian Porter Tele Pups!

Porter Pickups Tele Set

The monthly giveaway for May 2011 by is a set of Porter Tele pickups. Maybe they'll giveaway a Strat set one of these months too. But until that fine day comes, here's a chance to treat your Tele to some fine hand scatterwound tone goodness! And be sure to pass this along to those Tele totin' TDPRI network pals!

Just go to CGB's Facebook page and hit the LIKE button. Then post "Porter pickups available at" on the wall. Yes, CGB is now a Porter dealer. I'm starting to see Porter pups around the guitar builder community. Billy Penn of also gave Porter a positive review last year. And Billy is a Tele freak!!!

Stratoblogster also recommends pickups by sliderspickups when available.

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