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Investment Guitar Gear - DeTemple Rosewood Esq.

Brazilian Rosewood Esquire-type

Click for close-ups!
 One piece Brazilian RW neck

 Open tuners (Waverly?) & flame maple stripe

Braz RW top on blonde finish swamp ash body

Here's a nice Mother's Day feature! What's it got to do with Mother's Day, you ask? Hey, just roll with it, ok! Maybe your Mother would appreciate this-- "Dear Mom, This stunningly beautiful guitar posted at Stratoblogster made me think of you. I thought it would make for a wonderful eCard this year."

See how easy that was! Now you're off the hook for not remembering to send a bouquet. Or not...

As we continue paying respects to 2011, the 60th anniversary of the Telecaster, here's a fine specimen by DeTemple currently listed for sale. Seller says Michael D. spent 5 years completing this 2009 E model. Besides all the Brazilian rosewood, swamp ash and flame maple, this guitar sports the titanium truss rod & saddles and the 30K year fossilized mastodon nut along with all the usual DeTemple bling, pw and an alligator case. Be sure and clarify that mastodon nut part to Mom!

Seller: luckie_strike - 100% positive. Sacramento based. Lists other hi-end gear, including a Fender RW Tele. Esquire listing has more details and pics.

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