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Flying V - Tele Hybrid = "Flycaster"

The "Jackalope" of Guitars

I know this is just wrong, but the FLYCASTER might be something to wall mount behind the bar along with the stuffed armadillo, the jackalope and Pee Wee's white platform tequila shoes.

CAPITOL-GUITARS- of St. Paul, MN is listing this weirdnosity. Made in China by/for Indy Custom, Capitol is selling this adult novelty item for $295 shipped. And they say only 100 will be made, although it's hard to imagine only 100 of anything produced in China. Maybe it was a mistake! Yeah that's it. The machine spit out 100 of these before someone noticed and pulled the big OFF LEVER. Then after a minor adjustment it went back to producing the McDonald's McRIB!

Better Stuff - I promise!

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