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Fender Strat - 35th Anniv. Ford Mustang Tribute

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All candy, certs and cases included

Fender Custom Shop Ford Mustang Strat 35th Anniv.
Dig the little mustang horsey inlays runnin' across the fretboard! A little Steve McQueen should be riding the lead pony!

Garret Park Guitars of Anapolis, MD is listing this FCS Ford Mustang 35th Anniversary tribute Strat. 35 of these were produced in 1999. According what looks like the orig. press release info included in the listing, 20 of these went to Ford execs-- and 15 were giveaways presented at a series of events celebrating the car's anniversary that year. Don't confuse this with '07's Shelby GT Limited Strats.

The listing contains several good photos, including COA close-ups you can read. The body, listed simply as "chrome", is actually a hollow aluminum Strat body from 1994, originally utilized for the chromed Harley-Davidson Anniversary Strat series. The Mustang tribute includes several style cues from the car including ornament, radio knobs and mustang silhouette inlays (my favorite feature) on a sweet lookin' birdseye neck. As none of these were retailed, the value is arbitrary. Just know that only 35 exist, and this one has all candy, COA's and OHSC, plus daphne blue gig bag.

Seller has good feedback rating, history and hi-end inventory.

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