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Fender CS Sunset Orange Strat - Friday Strat #216

Sweet Orangy Ash Guitar!

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photo: dev wijewardane
This pic is bright, actual color is deeper. Listing has lots of pics.
May 20, 2011
Here's something for a sunny May Friday! Hoping yours is sunny. Hey, I'm in Oregon, so knock friggin' wood! ASH!!!

This 2011 Fender Custom Shop ash Strat has an orange tint they're calling "Sunset Orange". Nice! I smell the Grand Marnier just lookin' at this. Closeups of the neck reveal nice little flecks of birdseye that make me think of the freckles on Gwyneth Paltrow's arms on the June '11 cover of Bon Appetit. Or not... 

Panther Guitars of Princeton, NJ is listing this Strat at their eBay Store. They're 100% positive with lots of good feedback.

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