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Color Coded Guitar Strings from Leiva

Guitar Learning Tool

Has anyone seen these color coded Leiva Strings for guitar and bass? The above illustration shows a guitar set in which each of the 7 whole notes has its own color-- the gray representing sharps and flats which are plain uncolored. Or you can get piano style sets with two colors, representing black key notes and white key notes (any two colors you want). Or a 3 color "tri-tone" scheme is available.

Designed for beginners or the guitarist deciding to learn notation, Leiva also offers teaching/learning materials with their colored strings.

I do not know the type of color material used, how well it stays intact or if it affects tone. If you have an application for this idea as a student, instructor or retailer or product questions just contact Leiva at the link above!

9/25/12 Note: Leiva is running a Kickstarter campaign to help get their produced and launched into the marketplace.


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