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Boutique Guitar Gear from Guitar Galleria

James Trussart Copper & Vox Mahogany

James Trussart Copper Steelcaster
Trussart Steelcaster- Antique Copper Finish

VOX AC30 H2L Limited Edition (cabinet only- no amp/speakers)

Here are more interesting eBay listings from Chattanooga, TN based Guitar Galleria. These guys are 100% positive with lots of ratings history.

The copper finished Trussart is crazy! And if you wanna dress up your AC30 on those special occasions check out the mahogany cabinet.

Guitar Galleria is listing plenty of nice, new & vintage gear. Mostly Taylor acoustics, but they have some Fender CS, Nash and Gibson items too. Trussart is starting to grow on me-- and the copper thing really got my attention!

More Dealers & Current Listings

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