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Used RedPlate Blues Machine Amp

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RedPlate Blues Machine Amp

Another RedPlate on eBay! This one is listed as "mint" by Connecticut based Brian's Guitars whose gear we've featured before. Brian is 100% positive & "Top-rated" status with lots of history and hi-end guitar gear listings.

This RedPlate Blues Machine model is a 50W-112 combo merging the features of RP's Tweety Verb with the same overdrive circuit as their MagicDust Model-- similar/compared to the Dumbulator for the amp geeks out there. Remember kids, it ain't the size of the dog in the fight-- it's the size of the fight in the dog. And these puppies are vicious!

RedPlate amps are hand built to order. Not many opportunities to acquire one quick, so due diligence or tell a friend about this one! But whatever you do, don't forget Mother's Day.

Refer to the EBAY VINTAGE GUITAR AMPLIFIER GUIDE for valuable buying tips (good boutique tips too).

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