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Upgraded 40th Anniversary 94 Strat - Friday Strat #213

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Got to hang out with Doug Rappoport last night who was up from LA visiting family in my neighborhood. Doug currently plays guitar in Edgar Winter's band, and is also MI/GIT faculty.

When Doug played my Strat through a friend's very cool blackface Super Reverb clone, I got a fresh perspective on my own guitar. It also helps that Doug is a great player, and that he digs my Strat. He said so too! Gee! So I thought why not run my own Strat for this week's Friday feature? Why not?

I name off some of the upgrades in the video. Doug's playing with bridge pickup only, through a T-Rex Reptile 2 Delay and Tonebug OD. The Super Reverb clone is built by some cat in Florida whose name I forget. Speaker config is 2 Eminence Patriot 10's and 1 Patriot 12". It really slammed my FlipCam mic, but oh well.


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