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Thomas-Guitars S Custom-62 - Friday Strat #211

Boutique European S-type Gear!

"S-type" means SEXY here folks!

Thomas Guitars of Italy Strat-type
click images for close-ups!

Custom Guitar Boutique NYC just received this Euro Strat (the red one) from Thomas-Guitars of Bolzano, Northern Italy-- way up next to Bavaria where they speak Italian and German. Thomas is a small group of luthiers who craft classical guitars as well as today's featured Strat-type. 

So if you've been puzzled all your life why Disney's Pinocchio and Gepetto the toy maker had Italian names, but Bavarian accents, maybe they were in Bolzano!

The lower photo model with the full HB is the one at CGB. They tell me the finish is actually more orangey than the photo shows, so think with a Suhr Fiesta Orange (Henderson model) or the General Lee '69 Dodge Charger.

Inspired by the '62 Fender Strat, the Thomas S Custom-62 is far from a 62 duplicate. Features include:

ONE piece light weight alder body (thinner contour), bone nut, 14" radius slim profile 22 fret neck, 650mm scale length (a bit longer than 25.5"), Wilkinson trem, Schaller locking tuners, custom hand wound pickups and a custom in-house made stainless truss rod design to go with the special neck. Resonance kids!

Basically, it's a Ferrari-- or a '69 Charger, if that's your fantasy. Either way, it's Euro sexy! And there's ONE in NYC, USA. So skip Musikmesse.;))

This is all I can tell ya, but Kelcey at CGB is overwhelmed with the guitar. For more details, price quote, etc., just visit their contact page thru the CGB link above. 

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