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Reverend Slingshot USA Custom - Friday Strat #210

Rare Reverend Gear

Ain't this just the gangster of love! I figure it has enough Strat DNA and crazy vibe to be a Friday Strat feature-- and it IS April Fools day. Kind of a churnin' urn of burnin' Blues machinery it is. Interesting features i.e. graphite saddles, 3 P90's, locking tuners, 2 tone B&W tuxedo teardrop case... Our featured guitar is for sale and in very good, nearly NOS-like condition. Still haven't decided if this were a car, would it be a Chrysler or a Mercury?

Reverend Slingshot USA Customs are pretty rare I guess. Like about 400 total, which break down into a few different configs. I do not see anything like this bridge on any current Rev models. Here's a site with the scoop on these things: 

Seller: icepick55 -100% Top-rated, based in Los Angeles

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