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Rare Two-Rock Guitar Amp, THE WOOD

Gear of the Gods! 

Songs from THE WOOD, make ya feel much better.

Two-Rock Amp, The Wood

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April 26, 2011
Boutique amp collectors can drool over this hunk of tube tone p*o*r*n currently listed by some folks in Houston. They say this Two-Rock, named "THE WOOD", is a one-off model. It was built specifically for a Northern Cali boutique amp shoot out event Two-Rock was invited to a few years ago. West Coast Tone Fest -see a reference this TGP thread.

THE WOOD is a 2 channel switchable, 50W head with reverb and tube rectifier. The tubes used and its Bill Krinard configuration are very mojosthetic. How it ended up in Houston is something you can find out by calling Joshua at the phone number in this listing. Joshua is a nice biblical name so don't be afraid. The seller has 100% feedback with a high# of points and other hi-end gear listings.

The finger jointed flame maple cabinet would make a beautiful accessory addition for any room, and a delightful Mother's Day gift. And not simply for cosmetics alone-- we're talking sweet tone and music, the gift that keeps on giving for both you and that special someone. That new boat or Fat Bob you've been thinkin' about is the real money pit you don't need around right now. THE WOOD makes sense, can be enjoyed year around and requires no helmet, life jacket, storage, slip, fees, etc., etc., etc. I hope I've been of some help here.

Seller: tejastubes (SOLD)

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