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NEW! Fender Pawn Shop Guitars

Hybrid Gear Models with Strat, Tele & Mustang DNA

More Grand Children for Leo

Talk about a hybrid week! That's all I've been runnin' lately. Now Fender has just released their newest "Pawn Shop" line (check this Musician's Friend page). On the heels of the Blacktop series, the Pawn Shop line consists of three models-- Pawn Shop '51, Pawn Shop '72 and Mustang Special. Just give 'em a good look-over, and you'll see which is which. All price pointed under $1K, these must certainly be MIM.

The '72 model could very well be Fender's first ever Thinline Strat production body? Everything else with this model is Tele.

Click Here for more info about Fender Wide-Range humbuckers, and how you can upgrade.

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