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LSL Saticoy - Sugar Pine Strat!

SoCal Boutique Guitar Gear

The name Saticoy refers to an area in California's Santa Clara valley, and is the Chumash Native American term for "Sheltered from the wind." 

Excuse the little wimpy pics here. Hopefully you can see the fir-like, straight tight grain in the top image. That is Sugar Pine! LSL guitars are handmade vintage vibe, using old school methods. They build super lightweight Strat and Tele types-- the "Saticoy" and the "T-Bone".  The thin nitro finish guitars are aged, and have checking though not heavy relic'd. 

SuperSoundMusic currently lists the new Saticoy shown above. They're an LSL dealer with 100% positive eBay feedback, and a 10K score! That's a ton of good, clean history!

Just below is a clip of our good friend Billy Penn from 300guitars.com interviewing Lance Lerman of LSL Guitars.

Note: LSL is currently building a Carl Verheyen signature model. What's that tell ya about LSL? Click Here for details!

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