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G&L Comanche Honeyburst Flame

Strat-type Guitar Gear by G&L

GL Comanche Honeyburst Premium Flame top
 Click images for FAT juicy close-ups!

When you get into pairing food with guitars, the term "Honeyburst Premium Flame" brings to mind one of those big holiday hams that's spiral sliced with the broiled-on sticky glaze. Oh yeah! And you know the cook has already picked off the choice nuggets for themself before it's even served. Good to be the cook!

Anyway, back to the guitar. Currently available at Guitar Adoptions, this Comanche has a neck full of birdseye, body of ash w/flame maple top, those crazy Z-coil pickups, a cert signed by Phyllis Fender, hard case and a 10 friggin' year warranty!

Guitar Adoptions' G&L inventory is mainly hi-end selected custom order. Other cool boutique lines include Michael Tuttle, Flaxwood & a line of sexy T-types called Delilah. Go browse around! To see your actual price, just click their "Add to Cart" buttons.

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