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Bryan Baker -Telephone, Finished Tracks!

Strat Guitar Monster's Debut Release, April 26, 2011

TELEPHONE: Morgan City
by rekabb

by rekabb

Here are a couple finished tracks from the soon to be released album "This Is All" by Bryan Baker and Telephone. We've already featured some rougher video jam stuff, but these tracks reveal even more about production and the artist's direction. Although the above two tracks are more guitar focused, you can expect some surprises in terms of vocals and song variety.

Not a typical solo shred guitar album, Baker's latest project draws from curious yet not unfamiliar corners of musical expression. What's that mean? You'll just have to find out. But groove is king, as Andy Sanesi-drums and bassist Peter Boskovich provide much more than quaalude thunder to the mix.

Anyone unsure of Baker's voodoo authenticity can jump to 01:50 of "Morgan City" top tune above. When he decides to Strat-up and Git Jimi Wit It, the truth is revealed! April 26 folks!

See Previous Post for more info. and Bryan Baker links.

Caution: If you don't like surprises, it's probably best to stick with Budweiser & *Bonamassa, as you try to reassemble that Harley carb that's been on the coffee table since January.

*Strat defector
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